India Community Center, Rochester, NY

About the Medical Assistant Position

The Medical Assistant position is a great opportunity for an 18+ year old interested in pursuing a career in medicine. The Medical Assistant reports directly to the board and to the Doctor on call. The main responsibility of the medical assistant is to assist the Doctor. At the start of the camp, the Medical Assistant will consolidate the list of camper allergies and organize all medications within the infirmary (i.e. label medications by camper name and time of intake). During camp the Medical Assistant will keep the infirmary organized, take care of minor medical issues (i.e. scrapes or bruises), ensure regularly scheduled medications are being taken, ensure any campers with food allergies are alerted prior to meals, etc.

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  • Must be at least 18 years old when the camp starts
  • Past staff member or head counselor experience is preferred
  • Must be currently certified by the Red Cross in “First Aid: Responding to Emergencies” and “CPR for Professional Rescuer”
  • (Optional) Lifeguard and other certifications are a plus

Stipend and Logistics

This role is for the complete session. Please arrive the Friday or Saturday prior to camp and leave the day after camp ends | $1250 Stipend

Note: Food and lodging will be provided at the camp grounds.


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