India Community Center, Rochester, NY

About the Counselor Position

Counselors (ages 16+) are the backbone of the camp. They ensure that campers are comfortable, cared for, and happy. During Counselor Training Week, counselors get First Aid & CPR certified and are trained on how to handle a number of camper scenarios such as homesickness, accidental bed wetting, and bullying. Additionally, they prepare for many of the camp classes and activities such as chanting, philosophy, and clubs, which they lead and/or organize. Counselors are chosen on the basis of maturity, responsibility, and ability to function well in leadership roles. If you have any questions, please contact Ashish Heda or Harshil Mehta.


  • Must be at least 16 years old when the camp starts
  • Must attend the entire Counselor Training Week (CTW), camp session, and the day after camp. See below schedule


  • Experience: number of years attended as a camper and/or counselor
  • Past Performance: ratings as a camper or counselor (including any KYS experience)
  • Essays: reviewed based on whether it addresses the prompt, grammar/punctuation, clarity, conciseness, and creativity/feasibility
  • Interview: mix of standard and situational questions
  • Age: prefer a mix of 16, 17 and 18+ year old counselors
  • Timing: the earlier the application the better
  • Flexibility: willingness to attend either session

Session Head Counselor Arrival Counselor Arrival Camp Dates Counselor Departure
1 Sat, June 22 Sun, June 23 Sun, June 30 – Sat, July 13 Sun, July 14
2 Fri, July 5 Sun, July 7 Sun, July 14 – Sat, July 27 Sun, July 28

Counselor Application

Applications are considered on a rolling basis meaning the earlier you apply the better. Typically, we run out of space in early March.

The counselor application consists of the following three items:

Application Form

Recommend that you prepare essays in a word processor prior to filling out the application

Medical Form

Must be filled out by the parent or guardian

Recommendation Letter*

*Required for first year applicants only. This should be from someone other than a family member who can speak to your maturity, responsibility and leadership skills outside of camp

Type Prompt 1 Prompt 2
First Year Counselor

Never Attended Camp

Please describe what exposure you have had to Indian culture and/or the Hindu religion (e.g. Hindu philosophy, sloka recitation, puja, bhajans, etc.) (1200 characters) Please describe your skills and abilities that will help you as a role model and counselor for such a diverse group of kids between the ages of 8 to 16 years. Please describe any past experience you have had in directing small group discussions, peer counseling, teaching, or camp counseling. Briefly discuss your personal as well as spiritual objectives in attending camp. (1600 characters)
First Year Counselor

Attended as a Camper

Briefly describe what you would add or change to camp this summer. Please provide concrete examples and details. (1600 characters) Briefly describe what your experience as a camper at HHSC has meant to you. As a counselor, what skills, and abilities will you bring to camp? Why do you believe you will make a good counselor and role model? (1600 characters)
Returning Counselor Briefly describe what you would add or change to camp this summer. Please provide concrete examples and details. (1600 characters) Briefly describe your last experience as a counselor at HHSC. Discuss where you felt you performed well and where/how you would like to improve. Please provide concrete examples of how you previously excelled as a counselor and how you wish to improve. (1600 character)

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