India Community Center, Rochester, NY

About the Assistant Manager Position

The Assistant Manager position is a great opportunity for a previous staff member or head counselor to acquire operational experience in running a camp. The Assistant Manager reports directly to the Board, Camp Manager, and Head Chef. The Assistant Manager is responsible for working with volunteers to prepare and serve all meals, tracking campers with food allergies to ensure they have an alternative, keeping inventory, draining dishwashers every evening, and washing kitchen towels each day. They are also responsible for carrying out administrative duties assigned by the Board and Camp Manager. 

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  • Must be at least 18 years old when the camp starts
  • Past staff member or head counselor experience is preferred
  • Must have strong organizational and management skills
  • Stipend and Logistics

    There are two shift types you can apply for based on the number of meals and snacks you support. Please note that in order to support a meal or snack you must be in the kitchen at least 2 hours prior to the meal or snack.

  • Full Week Shift (Preferred): 18 meals, 12 snacks | $700 Stipend
  • Two-Thirds Week Shift: 12 meals, 8 snacks | $400 Stipend

  • Note: Food and lodging will be provided at the camp grounds.


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