India Community Center, Rochester, NY


Campers stay in beautiful cabins surrounded by greenery and open fields without access to technology providing a true camping experience. Key classes, activities, and meals are held at the India Community Center (ICC) and India Heritage Center (IHC) which have 6+ classrooms, a large auditorium, and an industrial kitchen where volunteers prepare 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.

2021 Tour of the Camp

CABINS | There are 6 cabins (3 boys, 3 girls) on the grounds where campers and counselors stay. Inside each cabin there are 12 twin-sized bunk beds (24 total beds) with ventilation fans to help with air circulation.

CAMPGROUNDS | The campgrounds include two large open fields for daily sports, games, and other outdoor activities along with one pavilion.

BATH HOUSE | The bath house is split into a girls side and boys side. Each contains 6 sinks with mirrors, 8 showers, and toilet facilities.

INDIA COMMUNITY CENTER (ICC) | The ICC is an air conditioned building where campers spend much of their day including morning puja, some classes and clubs, meals, and many evening programs. It is equipped with 3 classrooms, an infirmary, a large auditorium and a kitchen, where all the meals are prepared by volunteers.

INDIA HERITAGE CENTER (IHC) | The IHC is an additional air conditioned building with 3 flexible classrooms used for chanting class, philosophy class, clubs, and other camp activities.

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